Unlinking Mobile Accounts from MapleStory M

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This guide will teach you all about Unlinking Mobile Accounts from MapleStory M in MapleStory M. Unlink a mobile account from MapleStory M fully or to switch to another mobile account.

Logging out of a mobile account currently linked to MapleStory M

  • Unlinking a mobile account from the game takes place within the game.
    • Access the Main Menu.
    • Access the Options Menu.
    • Locate "Log Out" under the Info menu tab.
    • Select "Log Out" to trigger the disclaimer message.
      • Select "No" to return to the Options Menu.
      • Select "Yes" to unlink the mobile account and exit the game.
      • NOTE: When you try to log into the game again, you will be prompted to link another mobile account in order to resume playing MapleStory M.