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This guide will teach you all about Trade Stations in MapleStory M. List and sell your items at your own price, or buy other users' items on the Trade Station.

Trade Station Guide

  • Access the Trade Station by selecting the [Trade Station] menu in the Main Menu.
  • There is a 10% commission fee for selling or removing an item put up for sale.

Buying Items at the Trade Station

  • You can search for any item you want to buy at the [Trade Station].
  • STEP 1: [Search] for the desired item of a specific rank in the item category.
  • STEP 2: After searching, tap [View Item] to see all of the chosen items up for sale.
  • STEP 3: If you want to purchase an item, select [Purchase].
  • STEP 4: Purchased items can be found in your [Bag].

Selling Items at the Trade Station

  • STEP 1: Select an item to [Sell].
  • STEP 2: [Enter] a price for the item.
  • STEP 3: A message confirming the listing will appear.
  • STEP 4: An item listed for sale will be on standby for a period of time. It will then go up for sale on the Trade Station for 24 hours from the time of registry.
  • STEP 5: If an item is not sold within 24 hours, it will be returned to you for free. (Returned items go straight to your bag without confirmation)

Trade Station Tips

  • You can cancel items listed for sale that are on standby, but there is a 10% commission fee. If you don't have enough Mesos to pay the fee, you cannot cancel the item.
  • Up to three items can be listed for sale. With Crystals, you can list up to 15 items for sale.
  • Items registered to a character on the same account cannot be purchased.
  • If instances of abnormal use of the Trade Station are discovered, game usage may be restricted according to the management policy.