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This guide will teach you all about Storage in MapleStory M. Storage is where you can store items and Mesos, which can be accessed at any time.

Storage Guide

  • Talk to the town Storage Keeper NPC Mr. Kim to access your account's storage space. Extra items and Meso can be stored in the account storage to keep your personal inventory from becoming too full.
  • If you have many items to store, use Crystals to expand the storage space.
  • All characters on the same account and same world can use the items in the storage.
  • Items in storage can be discarded without withdrawing them.

How to Use the Storage

Deposit/Withdraw Mesos

Storing Items

Storing items individually

  • Tap on an item in your inventory.
  • Tap [Store] on the item review screen to move it to storage.

Storing Multiple Items at once

  • Tap [Store] on the Storage screen. The storage inventory should turn gray.
  • Tap each item in your personal inventory you wish to store.
  • Tap [Store] to move all highlighted items from your personal inventory to the storage inventory.

Withdrawing individual items

  • Tap on an item in the storage inventory to bring up the item review screen.
  • Tap [Find] to move the item from storage to your inventory.

Withdrawing multiple items at once

  • Tap [Find] at the bottom of the Storage screen.
  • Tap each item in your storage inventory you wish to withdraw.
  • Tap [Find] to move all highlighted items from the inventory to your personal inventory.