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This guide will teach you all about the Star Force Field in MapleStory M. Star Force Fields contain stronger monsters than normal fields, making it a great place to earn a lot of EXP.

Star Force Guide

  • Star Force is a value that shows the measure of equipment strength.
  • Each item's Star Force Enhancement value is different and can be found in the detailed item information section.

Star Force Field can be accessed from Lv. 60 and up

  • Monsters that appear in the Star Force Field have higher HP and ATK than those that appear in normal fields.
  • Party hunting is allowed, and you can earn more EXP than on normal fields.
  • Each area requires a different Star Force quantity. If you don't have enough required by the Star Force Field, damage to monsters will be diminished.

How to Use Star Force Field

  • [Star Force Field] can be accessed through the [Dungeons] menu.
    • Select [Star Force Field] under [Dungeons] in the Main Menu or the Quick Menu.
    • Select the field you want to go to on the Star Force Field list.
    • When you use [Dungeons] to access a Star Force Field, you'll immediately move there.

Star Force Enhancement

  • Enhancing equipment using the Forge will increase your Star Force Power.
    • Accessing the Enhance tool can also be done in the Forge menu as well.