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This guide will teach you all about Skills in MapleStory M.

Skill Divisions

  • Each job's skill tiers fall into a character level range as shown below.
    • 1st Skill Tier: Level 1 - Level 29
    • 2nd Skill Tier: Level 30 - Level 59
    • 3rd Skill Tier: Level 60 - Level 99
    • 4th Skill Tier: Level 100 - Level 150

Skill Types

  • Three types of skills exist: Active, Passive, and Buffs.
    • Active Skills: Active skills must be manually activated to either damage enemies or heal/aid allies.
    • Passive Skills: Passive skills do not require activation and are in constant effect. These "skills" provide a variety of bonuses including stat increases and do not need to be assigned to any ability slots.
    • Buff Skills: Buff skill provide characters with temporary, positive effects and must be manually activated before the effects take place. When a buff skill is activated, an icon corresponding to that skill will appear next to the character status part of the UI.
    • Tapping on the buff icon will display the skill's effect as well as how much time must pass before the skill's effects expire.

Skill Points

  • Skill effects and effectiveness are increased using points gained when a character's level increases.
  • Each level gained by a character results in an award of one Skill Point (or SP). Regardless of Job Skill tier, the SP award for gaining a level remains one point.

Skill Point Reset (SP Reset)

  • A user may choose to reset all of a character's skill points in order to reassign them differently.
  • Access [SP Reset] in any character's Skill menu.
  • Any attempt to reset SP will immediately reset all skill points in all job skill tiers gained thus far (Example: A Dark Knight who has reached the 3rd tier of job skills will have all points in jobs 1-3 reset if SP Reset is used).
  • All SP Reset attempts require the player to spend Crystal to do so.
  • Once the SP Reset is complete, the player will need to reassign the SP in each tier of Job Skills.
    • Players may also need to reassign skills to their skill slots before returning to play.

Assigning Skills to Skill Slots

The most efficient way to keep a job skill handy for use is to assign it to a skill slot.

  • Step 1: Access the [Character] menu in the Main Menu.
  • Step 2: Select the [Skill] menu.
  • Step 3: Select the skill you want to assign a hotkey to, then select the location to assign it using the [Equip] command.

Removing a Skill from a Skill Slot

Since there are more skills than skill slots, players may come face a situation where they may need to remove skills from their skill slots to make room for better/stronger ones.

  • Step 1: Step 1: Access the [Character] menu in the Main Menu.
  • Step 2: Access the [Character] section of this menu and select the [Skill] menu.
  • Step 3: Locate the skill in the slot to be vacated and tap the "x" on the skill icon. That skill should now be removed from the skill slot.