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This guide will teach you all about Nett's Pyramid in MapleStory M. Nett's Pyramid is a dungeon in which you protect an Obelisk from monsters. Access it in the [Dungeons] menu in the Main menu or the Quick Menu.

Nett's Pyramid Guide

  • Nett's Pyramid can be accessed from Lv. 60 and up.
  • Nett's Pyramid is a defense-type dungeon in which you protect the Obelisk (located on the left side of the screen) from swarming monsters (located on the right part of the screen).

Nett's Pyramid Features

  • Nett's Pyramid allows you to keep all of the EXP you have gained, regardless of outcome.
  • It is comprised of 10 waves. If the Obelisk's LIFE is at least 1 on the 10th wave (final wave), it is considered a success.
  • In addition to the final EXP, there is a chance to earn Card Rewards when completed.
  • In Nett's Pyramid, you'll gain points whenever you eliminate a monster. You can then use those points to purchase Eye Items.
  • There are five types of Eye Items. Their effects benefit all party members that enter Nett's Pyramid.

How to Enter Nett's Pyramid

  • STEP 1: Select the difficulty that's right for you and enter Nett's Pyramid through [Create Room] or [Quick Join].
    • Create Room
      • Create a private waiting room for Nett's Pyramid.
      • Other users cannot enter a private waiting room through Quick Join, and only friends or guild members can be invited.
    • Quick Join
      • Enter an existing Elite Dungeon waiting room.
      • If there is no existing waiting room, you will create a new public waiting room.
  • STEP 2: Settings can be changed in the waiting room.
    • Create Room
      • Tap [Switch to Public Room] to change a private room to a public room.
      • Once the room has been changed to a public room, it cannot be reverted back to a private room.
    • Quick Join
      • Public waiting rooms begin the challenge after 60 seconds, even if the party is not full.
      • Tap [Extra 60 S] to extend the waiting time.
      • If a party has been created, you cannot enter a waiting room.

STEP 3: Select rewards once you complete Nett's Pyramid. Requirements to Enter Nett's Pyramid

  • 2 - 4 people can enter Nett's Pyramid.
  • You must have a Nett's Pyramid Entry Ticket to enter.
  • There is a level restriction based on the difficulty of Nett's Pyramid.

Progressing through Nett's Pyramid

All players that enter the Nett's Pyramid waiting room automatically become a party.

  • How to Progress through Nett's Pyramid
    • STEP 1: Nett's Pyramid begins 60 seconds after entering the waiting room, or when the room host taps [Start].
    • STEP 2: Defend yourself from and eliminate monsters over 10 waves.
    • STEP 3: Collect points by eliminating monsters, and use those points to purchase Eye Items, which benefit all party members.
    • STEP 4: Nett's Pyramid ends when the Obelisk's LIFE is 0, or when all 10 waves have been successfully cleared. (All party members share the Obelisk's LIFE)
  • Nett's Pyramid Auto-Battle
    • The room host that set up the Nett's Pyramid waiting room has the option to use auto-battle.
    • Auto-Battle can only be selected in the waiting room.
    • If auto-battle is ON when you're transferred to Nett's Pyramid, you can use auto-battle mode or play manually.

Nett's Pyramid Tips

  • Nett's Curse is activated 100% in Hell.
  • Characters at Lv. 140 and higher can play Chaos and Hell mode.

Eye Items

  • Eye Item effects can only be applied in Nett's Pyramid.
  • Eliminate monsters to collect points, and use those points to purchase Eye Items. When you purchase an item, the appropriate amount of points will be consumed.
  • Purchased Eye Items' effects are applied to everyone in the party.
  • All party members share the cooldowns on Eye Items.
  • There are four types of Eye Items, and the amount of points required to purchase them varies depending on the difficulty of Nett's Pyramid.

Nett's Pyramid Rewards

  • Final EXP
    • The final EXP you earn at the end of Nett's Pyramid.
    • The final EXP is calculated even if all 10 waves have not been cleared.
    • However, final EXP is only awarded after the 4th wave. No EXP is awarded if the 3rd wave is not cleared.
    • Factors that affect the final EXP are as follows: the number of waves cleared, remaining LIFE, remaining points, and the number of party members.
    • EXP Items and buffs are not applied when calculating final EXP.
  • Card Rewards
    • Along with the final EXP, there is a chance to earn Card Rewards after clearing Nett's Pyramid.
    • Card Rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
    • Card Rewards vary depending on Nett's Pyramid's difficulty. The equipment earned from Card Rewards cannot be exchanged.