Master Specter

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Master Specter

Master Specter is a boss in MapleStory M. It is one of the bosses available through the Daily Dungeon.


Master Spector is the boss that is available on Thursdays. It is also open on the weekends when all daily dungeons are open.

Just like all the other bosses in the Daily Dungeon, there are 5 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Hell.

Difficulty Recommended Level Recommended ATK Time Limit Reward
Easy 10-150 150 or above 3m [1] Yellow Jewel (C)
Normal 40-150 6,000 or above 3m [2] Yellow Jewel (C)
Hard 70-150 26,000 or above 3m [1] Yellow Jewel (B)
Very Hard 100-150 80,000 or above 3m [2] Yellow Jewel (B)
Hell 120-150 300,000 or above 3m [1] Yellow Jewel (A)