Item Types and Ranks

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This guide will teach you all about Item Types and Ranks in MapleStory M. Depending on their purpose, items are split into types and may have different ranks.

Item Types

Your bag's tabs change depending on the item type.

  • Bag Tab Divisions
    • Weapons: Used for attack. These items may differ based on a character's job.
    • Armor: Used for defense. These items may differ based on a character's job.
    • Accessories: Used for increased HP and MP. These items remain the same across all jobs.
    • Other: All other items such as quest items, consumable items, and Rank Up Stones. Excludes weapons, armor, accessories, and Crystals.
    • Crystal: Items purchased at the Crystal Shop.

Item Rank

Items have a standard rank and a Potential rank.

  • Item Rank
    • Item ranks are divided into 8 categories: Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, Unique with emblem, Legendary, legendary with emblem and mythic.
      • Normal Silver Frame
      • Rare Blue Frame
      • Epic Purple Frame
      • Unique Orange Frame
      • Legendary Green Frame
      • Mythic Red Frame

[Español] Los objetos tienen un rango estándar y un rango potencial.

  • Rango objeto
    • Los posibles rangos de los objetos se encuentran divididos en 8 categorias: Normal, raro, Epico, Unico, Unico con emblema, Legendario, legendaro con emblema y mítico.
      • Normal marco plateado
      • Raro marco azul
      • Epico marco púrpura
      • Unico marco naranja
      • Legendario marco verde
      • Mítico marco rojo

Potential Option Rank

Potential ranks are divided into 3 categories: Rare, Epic, and Unique.

[Español]El rango potencial de divide en 3 categorias: Raro,épico y unico.

El rango potencial son atributos extras del objeto ,el rango potencial tiene que ser revelado pagando un coste en mensos.