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This guide will teach you all about Friends in MapleStory M. Manage your friends in the Friend menu.

Friends Guide

  • [Nearby Players], [Friends], [Guild], and [Party] friend lists are available in the Friend menu.
    • Nearby Players: Check the names and levels of players currently located near your character.
    • Friend: Check your friends' names, channels, locations, and log in dates. You can also use [Friend Warp].
    • Guild: Check a guild member's name and level.
    • Party: Check a party member's name and level.

How to Register Friends

  • [Tap] a player or [Search] to register friends.
    • Tapping a Player.
      • Tap a player and send a [Friend Invite].
      • When your friend request is accepted, you'll be able to see your friend's location in the [Friend].
  • Player Search
    • Search for player information with [Player Search].
    • When searching for players, only those connected to the game can be sent a [Party Invite], [Friend Invite], or [Guild Invite].

Friend Warp

  • Tap [Friend Warp] to teleport to the location of a friend that's logged in.
  • [Friend Warp] can be used up to five times per day. Friend Warp will not work if your friend is in one of the following areas: Expedition, Mini Dungeon, Elite Dungeon, Beauty Salon, or Plastic Surgery.