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[English] Command your crew to fight for you! Corsairs summon NPCs (Non-playable characters) to fight for you. Fight from afar with your trusty gun.

Pirate is a class that uses MAGIC as their primary form of attack and damage. Its class is dependent on the player's luck as its skills such as Scurvy Summons, Luck of the Dice, Majestic Presence, Quickdraw, Double Down are random and based on chance. This class has low evasion, health and magic defense, which makes it vulnerable to bosses such as Zakum that deals lots of magic damage.

[Español] ¡Comanda a tu tripulación a que pelee por ti! La clase Corsair invoca ayudantes ( NPCs ) para que peleen por ti. Pelea desde lejos con tu pisto-lita.

[Português] Comande sua equipe para lutar por você! Corsair convocam ( NPCs ) (personagens não jogáveis) para lutar por você. Lute de longe com sua arma confiável

[Deutsch] Kommandiere deine Crew damit sie für dich kämpft. Korsaren beschwören NPCs (Nicht-Spielbare-Charaktere) die für ihn kämpfen. Kämpfe aus der Ferne mit deiner treuen Kanone.

1st Job Skills - Level 0

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Double Shot.png Double Shot Active Fire 2 consecutive shots at the enemy.
Skill Somersault Kick.png Somersault Kick Active Somersault backwards, sweeping nearby enemies with a devastating kick.
Skill Octopush.png Octopush Passive Double jump to reach even greater heights. Jump distance increases as skill level rises.
Skill Quick Motion.png Quick Motion Passive Become more nimble and increase your SPD.
Skill Shadow Heart.png Shadow Heart Passive Increase the chance of dealing Crit damage to the enemy.
Skill Dash.png Dash Passive Use -> -> to activate this skill and instantly increase SPD and JMP.

2nd Job Skills - Level 30

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Triple Fire.png Triple Fire Active Fire 3 consecutive shots at the enemy.
Skill Magnum Shot.png Magnum Shot Active Blast enemies with extreme speed.
Skill Recoil Shot.png Recoil Shot Active Quickly fire a single bullet while evading backward.
Skill Scurvy Summons.png Scurvy Summons Active Summon a random crewman from the Nautilus to attack your enemy.
Skill Bullet Barrage.png Bullet Barrage Buff Temporarily increases Crit DMG RES.
Skill Gun Booster.png Gun Booster Buff Temporarily increases gun ATK SPD.
Skill Gun Mastery.png Gun Mastery Passive Engage in some target practice to increase ACC.
Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training Passive Undergo intense physical training, permanently raising your recovery.

3rd Job Skills - Level 60

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Blunderbuster.png Blunderbuster Active Fire a scattershot blast that damages multiple enemies.
Skill Bullet Smash.png Bullet Smash Active Fire a giant bullet that damages and pushes back enemies.
Skill Octo-Cannon.png Octo-Cannon Active Temporarily summon an octopus, which fires in all directions to blast nearby enemies.
Skill Cross Cut Blast.png Cross Cut Blast Buff Mark your bullets, temporarily making them more powerful.
Skill Luck of the Die.png Luck of the Die Buff Roll a die to test your luck, depending on the result you may receive a buff to aid you in combat. 7 is only available is double down is learned.

1= Nothing 2= DEF Increase 3= HP/MP Increase 4= Crit ATK Increase 5= DMG Increase 6= EXP Increase 7= Crit DMG Increase.

Skill Scurvy Summons.png All Aboard Passive Increases the number of pirates summoned by Scurvy Summons to 2 and boosts their DMG.
Skill Outlaw's Code.png Outlaw's Code Passive Gain a permanent boost to Max HP and Max MP through strict adherence to the Outlaw's Code.
Skill Fullmetal Jacket.png Fullmetal Jacket Passive Coat your bullets with iron for increased Crit DMG.

4th Job Skills - Level 100

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire Active Bombard your enemies with a rapid hail of bullets. Hold down the skill button to fire continuously.

You can move left and right while firing.

Skill Eight-Legs Easton.png Eight-Legs Easton Active Summon a giant octopus that fires a fusillade of bullets.
Skill Battleship Nautilus.png Battleship Nautilus Active Order the Nautilus to let loose a barrage of attacks on your enemies.
Skill Brain Scrambler.png Brain Scrambler Active Target enemies' pressure points to increase Crit ATK.
Skill Parrotargetting.png Parrotargetting Active Release a parrot that marks the enemy, allowing for focused fire.
Skill Broadside.png Broadside Active Summon the Nautilus and it's crew to attack the enemy. Ignores damage reflection.
Skill Jolly Roger.png Jolly Roger Buff Adopt the attack of a fearless pirate to decrease incoming damage.
Skill Counterattack.png Counterattack Passive Use the enemies' attacks against them to deal even greater damage.
Skill Double Down.png Double Down Passive Increases the numbers on the die to 7 and adds a chance to roll 2 dice.
Skill Ahoy Mateys.png Ahoy Mateys Passive Use your tremendous leadership skills to gather a pirate crew and gain temporary stat boosts.

Valerie= ATK Increase. Jack= DEF Increase. Muirhat= HP Increase. Cutter= Crit DMG Increase

Skill Majestic Presence.png Majestic Presence Passive Awe an enemy with your dashing demeanor, gaining a chance to deal additional damage with an exploding bullet.
Skill Quickdraw.png Quickdraw Passive Increases MAG ATK incrementally when attacking.